Retailer Targeting

Retailers use analytics to target you, we have them to use against them to get the best price.

Time Saver

Does your company require you to get 3 quotes before buying? Now you can do that in seconds.

Simple Interface

Anytime you're on the site just drag and drop a document with product information, that's it.

You're never getting the best price

We take any quote and immediately get you hybrid offers from Etailers and resellers so that.

Individually looking up pricing is as time consuming as it is mind numbing. No more multiple tabs, no more emails to reps, just drag and drop a shopping list, quote, order, old packing list, anything with the information of the products you're looking for.


We make our money through referral fees from our retail and manufacturing relationships, meaning that your subscription will never cost you anything. You can upload as many documents as you want as long as you want for free.

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We are able to get reduced prices on almost anything and we'll let you know if you have the best price on something. We're constantly renewing our database with the latest price information from both quoted and retail opportunities.

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Just a very few of the retailers we work with!
How it works

So how is that we are able to save you so much?

There are multiple levels of markups with every products, which means multiple opportunities for discounts.

  • Etailers and retailers are seldom in direct competition
  • Connecting them means that value added resellers can directly compete against etail prices
  • All of this can happen without your ever having to talk to a salesmans
  • What are you waiting for? Go and Get it. Drag and drop.
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Arm yourself with information

Our team has decades of experience in the reseller and retail space, meaning that we can educate you on the best ways to leverage it to get the best prices and service.
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What is registered pricing?

Learn about registered pricing and how you can use it to force resellers to give you the best possible price

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Rep Incentives

There's more at play than your satisfaction as the customer. Learn about the systems and pressures on your reseller rep.

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Markup... Polo...

There are few direct relationships between manufacturers and retailers, we tell you about the middle men that are getting a piece of the pie.

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